Hello, my name is Briana Melendez & I am the creative mind and working hands behind Panchita's Bodega. I've always held a special place in my heart for style and fashion. It was probably born during childhood shopping trips with my grandmother & my love of Fashion Plates. A few years after I graduated college I decided to further pursue my interest and enrolled in non-matriculated classes at FIT to provide myself with a base & working knowledge of sewing and design. My handcrafted bags are made from a mix of re-purposed& new fabrics. 

I find inspiration in the past & my local thrift shops. To me the early 20th century has provided us with a base for classic simplicity that I think can be translated to today and evolve with the style of the 21st century. I frequent second hand stores and find my materials in garments(skirts/ coats/ tops) that supposedly have seen their prime. I bring together texture & color to create something new from the old.